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Frequently Asked Questions

You have a doubt or a technical question? Curious to know more about your shed?
We answer your questions.

Yes, delivery and installation are always included in the price of our sheds in order to offer the best service to our customers. Once you have chosen your shed from among our vast selection of models, we will arrange a week for delivery that works for you. The day before the delivery, we will call you to confirm that you will be at home. On the day of delivery, a team of usually three employees will unload the un-assembled shed from the truck and set it up right away. Your shed will be ready in no more than two hours!Here are a few things you can do to help us speed up the process:
  • Be sure to leave a space of at least 50 feet in front of your house so that the delivery truck can be parked without blocking the street.
  • Clear a path to the yard for easy access when moving pieces.
  • Be sure to clear a height of at least 11 feet along the length of the path to the yard.
Cabanon Fortin’s team will take all necessary precautions to make sure your property will not be damaged during the shed’s assembly.

No, we do not sell any kits for sheds that people can assemble themselves, even though many of our competitors do.

The reason for that is simple: our philosophy is to offer the best possible service to the customer, from the store to your shed’s installation. In our opinion, DIY kits go against this philosophy.

First of all, installation done by the customer is not guaranteed since it has not been done by one of our professionals. We will not be able to help you or reimburse you for any damage due to an error that may take place during assembly.

Additionally, this option does not offer you any real saving. If you take into account that it will require two to five days of work to set up your shed, for which you will undoubtedly need to enlist the help of your friends and family – who you will pay, or, at the very least, compensate in the form of beer or pizza – as well as possibly having to buy some tools, in the end, any savings are not really worth it.

For all of these reasons, we prefer to include the installation in the price of our sheds.

Yes, but only if your ground is not level, that is, if there is any obvious unevenness or a noticeable slope. Crushed stone levels the ground so that the shed’s base rests evenly on the ground, as well as stopping avoidable warping to your shed’s structure over the course of the seasons and years.

If the ground is flat, however, no special preparation needs to be done before our employees arrive. Some companies ask their customers to prepare their ground in order to make the installation easier, but there are no real advantages to preparing the ground if it is flat and even. To avoid having to level your ground, choose a location for your shed where the ground does not have any unevenness. Avoid, as well, placing your shed close to trees.

No, in our experience, putting gravel under the shed does not prevent it from shifting during the cycles of freezing and thawing, and it does not provide better water drainage, either.

Even if you put down 3 to 4 inches of gravel, there will be soil under those rocks. If you wish, however, to prevent animals (groundhogs, skunks, etc.) from taking shelter under your shed and give it more stability, you can choose a concrete floor instead of a simple wood base.

We have all the necessary equipment for installing a concrete base. After digging into the ground at the desired location with the help of a mechanical shovel, we will put down a layer of gravel, then pour the concrete into a wooden mold.

Do not hesitate to call us at 514 CABANON if you have any questions concerning this option.

This complication is covered by our warranty. In this case, we will relevel your shed as quickly as possible. Just call our customer service at 514 CABANON and make an appointment to have your shed levelled.

Please note, however, that this warranty only applies to sheds from our Authentique range, as has always been the case. It does not apply to our Competitif range of sheds. The Competitif range has been recently developed in order to offer more affordable sheds to our customers and in order to keep our offers competitive in relation to market developments. In order to offer better prices, we do not offer any warranty covering ground shifting for these sheds. However, you can be confident that all our sheds are quality made and are designed to minimize the need for maintenance.

Of course, we can help you remove any shed that is no longer useful. We deal with a trusted and experienced subcontractor who dismantles our customers’ old sheds.

Once the old shed has been demolished, you have two options:

  • You can dispose of the pieces of your old shed on your street curb. In this case, you will probably need to call the city to take them away, or consult the garbage pick-up calendar for large objects in your municipality to know when they will be collected.
  • For an extra fee, our subcontractor can clear the pieces from your property and dispose of them right away.
    In either case, you will not need to order containers. You can be sure that your old shed will be demolished in a way that will minimize any damage and keep your property unscathed.

To get an estimate for the demolition and pick-up of your old shed, call our customer service at 514 CABANON.

Yes, of course! Even though we offer models with predefined dimensions – Diamant, Préférence, 4 Versants and Mirage – these models can be completely personalized according to your tastes and needs.

For example, you can decide to add or remove windows in order to limit or maximize the amount of light coming into your shed. We also have several models of doors (solid, double, French, half window, with transom window, etc.) and windows (standard, horizontal, half moon, with or without lattice, openable, etc.), which allow you to coordinate your shed’s style with that of your house.

Your shed will be the main component of your yard, and we also offer options for sprucing up its windows, such as shutters, awnings, flower boxes and window heads.

You don’t know which to choose from all the options of doors and windows that we offer? Consult one of our advisors in store, who will be happy to help and advise you!

Yes, of course. Even though windows are often a great addition to a shed’s look, we build your shed according to your tastes and needs. We can take out the window or windows of the shed model you have chosen and, if applicable, you may be given a credit on your purchase.

Some people wish to keep the contents of their shed beyond the reach of their neighbours’ prying eyes when plants and fences don’t provide the right amount of privacy.

In short, having a shed with or without windows is naturally a personal choice, so the decision is yours to make. We will do everything possible to make sure you find the shed that suits you in terms of style, as well as your practical needs.

With or without windows, you’re not sure? Let us shed light on it! Call us at 514 CABANON or come see us in store where we will be happy to advise you.

Yes, of course. Customers often match the shed with their house, but sometimes, they wish to match it with other elements of their garden. The shed is undoubtedly a key element of your yard, so it’s up to you to create the décor that you want! We also offer many different shingle colours for your shed’s roof (blue, green, grey, black, red, etc.). However, if you do not find your preferred colour among the first colour range, we have hundreds of other colours for you to choose from.Whichever siding and shingle you choose, you can be sure that you will find the style you are looking for at Cabanon Fortin! Consult the Models page on our website to see the options we offer, or, if you prefer, come look through our catalogues and handle our samples in store. You will be amazed by our vast selection of finishes and colours!

Yes. The majority of cities require you to have a permit and respect the regulations related to construction work. We, therefore, suggest that you obtain one. Thanks to our experience, we have a general idea of the regulations of several cities in the Great Montreal region and neighbouring suburbs, but it is essential that you check the current regulations in your municipality because they may have changed over the years and there are exceptions.

By requesting a construction permit, you will be respecting the norms of urban planning and construction. These norms may relate to zoning, safety or environmental protection. Contact your municipality’s urban planning department to find out about the procedure for obtaining a construction permit. Make sure to request the permit before we begin with the installation of your shed.

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