Sheds parts, accessories and customization possibilities

  • Parts and accessories for every taste and budget
  • Great choice of colours for shingles and sidings
  • With our wide selection of accessories, discover many possibilities to decorate de décoreryour shed.

Details that make all the difference!

Choose a concrete floor for maximum stability. This will minimize the effects of soil movement and prevent vermin from setting under your shed. Plus, water (from, for example, snowblower and backwash) will no longer cause you any trouble.

A vast selection of options

Catheral roofs

Our catheral roofs enable you to install roof shelves, providing a larger storage area.

High-quality doors and windows

Assembled and installed with care.


  • Double 36 + 14
  • 36” Half window
  • 36” French
  • 36” Standard (basic)
  • Double 30 + 30
  • 6’ x 6’ Garage door


  • Openable
  • 16” x 48” Standard (basic)
  • With half-moon

Many options available

  • Concrete floor
  • Gravel surface
  • Gutters
  • Great choice of colours for shingles and sidings.
  • Door rod
  • Ramp
  • Shelf

Liven up your windows!

Additions that will add character to your shed and make it more useful !

  • Shutters
  • Awning
  • Flower box
  • Window head
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