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1507, 2022

Why Buy a Garden Shed for your Garden Storage?

WHY BUY A GARDEN SHED FOR YOUR GARDEN STORAGE ? Having a garden shed on your property will bring you many advantages, not only for storing your items but also for better organization and the [...]

1507, 2022

Shopping for a Garden Shed… Where to Start?

SHOPPING FOR A GARDEN SHED…WHERE TO START ? Having a garden shed has many benefits if you want to benefit from having your equipment and tools well organized. But before you start your research, you [...]

1506, 2022

The Top 3 Best Garden Sheds in Montreal

THE TOP 3 BEST GARDEN SHEDS IN MONTREAL You cherish the dream of building your own garden shed, and you are curious to know what styles are trending this year . If you want a [...]

1505, 2022

How to Take Care of your Garden Shed?

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR GARDEN SHED Some use it for their gardening preparation and for storage of many items whether they are useful or not. Whether you store pool items, gardening tools, sports [...]

1504, 2022

How to Choose your Garden Shed?

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR GARDEN SHED ? Garden sheds are not like they used to be. They are solid, well built, and very cute ! Here is some sound advice to help you choose your [...]

1503, 2022

Cabanon Fortin: Created and built here in Ile Bizard

CABANON FORTIN: CREATED AND BUILT HERE IN ILE BIZARD Cabanon Fortin Inc. is a business that is specialized in the fabrication of garden sheds in Montreal, more precisely in Ile Bizard in the West Island. [...]

501, 2022

Wood or cement floor, which one to choose for your shed ?

Wood or cement floor, which one to choose for your shed ? You are asking yourself which flooring is better for your shed ? Should we choose wood or cement ? This is the question [...]

1408, 2019

Shed placement tips

At Cabanon Fortin, we’re your one-stop shop for all storage shed-related needs and desires. Our quality sheds, offer you a full range of choices when it comes to your storage or other needs outside the [...]

3107, 2019

Do You Need a Permit For Your Shed?

There are several fun and exciting areas ahead if you’re thinking about installing a new shed on your property. For the engaged homeowner, installing a shed is a major project that can change the way [...]

807, 2019

4 ways to keep your shed from getting cluttered

Keeping your shed from getting cluttered, like any form of maintenance, is all about staying motivated. It’s easy to let things pile up, especially if you have a busy schedule. Sometimes you might toss tools or gardening supplies [...]

1906, 2019

A Work Shed Keeps Your Tools Organized

Do you dream about having a dedicated work shed where each of your tools has a home? You aren’t alone. Many of our customers at Cabanon Fortin have the same vision, and it’s a beautiful one! If it’s hard for [...]

2605, 2019

4 Fun Ways You Can Use a New Shed This Summer

A new shed offers a world of possibilities for summer fun and enjoyment in your backyard. While we fully support you using your new shed any way you please, take a look at our top [...]

805, 2019

Out-of-the-Box Shed Usage Ideas

Storage sheds are only for storing equipment like lawnmowers, tools and garden supplies, right? The practical conclusion is that if you don’t own these things, then you probably don’t need a shed. However, sheds are good for a variety of non-standard uses, and with some imagination, [...]

1404, 2019

Maximizing shed storage space

What’s the primary purpose of any shed you’ll see? Storage and organization. Quality sheds are those that provide these elements with strong, durable materials that will last and protect your tools or belongings from the [...]

1703, 2019

5 Signs You Need a New Storage Shed

A new storage shed purchased to replace a faulty or old shed will eliminate hassle in your life. But how do you know when it’s time to say goodbye to your current setup to get something new? Consider [...]

1203, 2019

New Colours in trend from Gentek

Deep and saturated, yet soothing and calm. That's theorganic beauty of our new colours for Gentek manufactured siding products. From light-changing green and grays to natural hues of timber and brick, this fresh palette makes [...]

503, 2019

Kaycan’s Color Trends 2019

At Cabanon Fortin, we believe that color has the power to bring your dream shed to life. That’s why we take the time to track design trends, shifts in demographics and their impact on architecture. [...]

1607, 2018


Vegetation Do not let the vegetation invade your shed, as this prevents the sun from drying some materials that are necessary to not cause mold and premature deterioration of materials such as asphalt shingles.

307, 2018

Temperature variance

Temperature variance During heat waves, many find it hot in their shed, so here is a table to understand the temperature variance.

2805, 2018

Permanent Ramp

Permanent Ramp We have added a new option in may 2018, a permanent ramp in treated wood available in 3 sizes, therefore no more need to always take it off.