High quality wooden outdoor storage sheds

Cabanon Fortin builds high-quality cabanas, gazebos and garages for almost 30 years. Our sheds are all customizable to suit your needs and taste. You can choose from a wide selection of doors and windows, a wide range of coatings and shingles and several options to enhance the aesthetics of your shed. Trust Cabanon Fortin for your outdoor projects!

Discover our different models

Have a look at our various shed models and see why Cabanon Fortin is synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Find the shed made for you

The possibilities are endless with Cabanon Fortin. But you have to start somewhere, so we offer four basic models to choose from: the Diamant shed, the Preference model, the 4 Versants shed and the Mirage.

The Diamant shed, whose evocative name describes its shape, is ideal for a corner installation. Its cathedral ceiling offers more storage space on the inside and incomparable style on the outside. The 4 Versants model is a rectangular or square-shaped shed that, as its name indicates, has a roof with four sides. The Preference and the Mirage are square or rectangular-shaped garden sheds with a peaked roof.

The size of each model can be adapted to your needs and to the space where the garden shed will be located; our wide array of doors, windows, sidings and decorations will give you as much latitude as possible to customize your shed. To find out more, have a look at each of the model descriptions.