Garden shed moving services

Need to move your garden shed? We have what you need. Either in your backyard or from one site to another, we have the expertise and the equipment to do the work.

Move a shed in the same yard

Using jacks and rollers, we can move your shed in your yard. The process of moving a shed in the same yard can take more or less than an hour.

Lift and/ or level a shed

Using a jack, we can raise and/or level your shed. The process is simple and fast. As a result of this work, your use of the shed will be greatly improved.

Move a shed from one house to another

With the help of a robotic machine custom-designed for this task, we are able to reach almost all the hills and sloped terrain in a safe manner. This unique machine is adjustable in length and height to allow precise maneuvering and adapt to various shed sizes. The shed can be placed exactly where you want it in your yard.