Garden shed moving services

Need to move your garden shed? We have what you need. Either in your backyard or from one site to another, we have the expertise and the equipment to do the work.

Thanks to an automated machine made to measure for the task, we can safely reach uneven and sloped locations. Equipped with rollers and jacks, this unique machine adjusts its width and height to allow for specific manoeuvres and to adapt to sheds of all sizes. The shed can therefore be placed exactly where you want it in your yard!

Moving a shed within the same yard takes about an hour on average.
To move a shed from one house to another, moving time varies depending on any complications and distance, but please account for at least 30 minutes to load it into the truck.

We’ll move your shed even if you haven’t purchased it from us!

For more information about this service, please contact us at 514 CABANON.