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Published on June 15, 2022


You cherish the dream of building your own garden shed, and you are curious to know what styles are trending this year . If you want a garden shed that is nice and practical and above all of quality, you are at the right place. See here an overview of the best trends in garden sheds in Montreal.

#1 The Traditional Garden Shed

The Traditional garden shed is yet practical and a natural beauty. Available in many sizes and styles, we usually see it with white windows and doors. Your head is full of ideas ? Good news ! You can personalize your garden shed by choosing the size, the model, the colours, the style of windows and doors and many more. One of the best garden sheds there is, the Traditional garden shed is really versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Your tools will thank you for being well stored and will stay nice longer !

#2 The Modern Zen Garden Shed

The Modern Zen shed is just as partial as stunning in your decor. Just like the traditional garden shed, it is available in many sizes and models. Most of the time it is offered with other than white windows and doors. You can personalize your garden shed by choosing the size, the model, the colour and style of the windows and door, etc.

#3 The Pentagon ‘Diamond’ Garden Shed

Like the name states, this garden shed has a shape of a Diamond. Very practical for a small backyard, it fits perfectly in a corner. Created in 1990, this model is one of the most popular on the market. Other assets of the Diamond garden shed: It’s cathedral ceiling lets you save up to 50% more space for storage inside, and it doesn’t need to have the snow removed in the winter. This garden shed can also be personalized. Many colours and different types of sidings are offered, as well as a variety of windows, doors and other accessories.


Why have a cement floor built in your new garden shed ? To take advantage of a sturdy and durable foundation, no matter what style of garden shed, you can integrate a cement floor as long as your property is levelled. Sure the cement floor is more expensive at the beginning. But, if you want to store heavy equipment, cement is the best option. Solid and sturdy, cement won’t let itself be easily intimidated ! It won’t move from the thaw and unthaw, won’t crack because of a heavy load, and won’t get mouldy when it is in contact with water. Other advantages: Small animals will not be able to get under the cement floor. If you want to keep the small animals away, choose a cement floor !


The expert team at Cabanon Fortin apply rigorous and professional methods for the construction and installation of your new garden shed. Come and discover our show room, as well as the numerous choice of models of garden sheds that we offer. It will be a pleasure to see you !

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