The Cabanon Fortin quality standards

Details that make the difference and that should be considered before purchasing!

Details that make the difference!

No Entrance Threshold

There is no threshold at the bottom of our doors, so you don’t have to lift heavy objects to get through the entrance.

Higher Door Entry*

Our entry doors offer a superior 6’3″ clearance, compared to 5’10” for certain competitors.

Superior Storage Space

Our cathedral roofs offer you extra storage space – Perfect for heavy-duty, practical mezzanine shelves.

We use only high quality materials!

The Perfect Siding Finish*

We do not leave any siding joints on exposed cabana surfaces (front and sides) and corner finishes, a detail ignored by our competitors (applies to a max. length of 12 ft.).

Vinyl Sidings Used

A) For the Compétitif series, PROVA or DRIFTWOOD Model: 0,040
B) For the Authentique series, AVANTI or CONCORD Model: 0,044

Lower Entrance Height*

Lower entrance height makes it easier to enter with heavy or bulky loads.

Solid Cathedral Roof* †

Our cathedral roofs can withstand extremely heavy loads and do not need to be cleared of snow in winter.

Tough Floors* †

Our floor frames are manufactured to be tough and take a lot of punishment.

Floor-Based Dimensions

Our cabana model measurements are based on floor – not roof – size, unlike certain competitors.

Wood and Aluminium Frames

Like house door frames, ours are made from a combination of wood and aluminium… for added strength.

3-Hinge Doors

Our doors are fitted with three hinges – instead of two – making them stronger.

* sauf pour la série Compétitif.
† sauf pour le modèle Mirage.