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Published on February 6, 2024

In-ground pool shed: What to choose?

A shed near an in-ground pool is almost essential. Thus, all the equipment necessary for the operation and maintenance of the swimming pool can be sheltered from bad weather, and your landscaping will be even more magnificent! In addition, adding a shed near the pool will provide you with practical and secure storage space for patio furniture, pool toys and maintenance products. However, several considerations must be taken into account to ensure a wise choice.

1. Strategic location

Before investing in a shed for your in-ground pool, it is crucial to determine its location. Proximity to the swimming pool and ease of access are elements to consider, but don’t forget to check the municipal regulations. Some codes require specific distances between the pool and structures like sheds and your neighbors’ yards, while others may require specific permits.

2. Choice of shed model

At Cabanon Fortin, we offer a range of models to choose from. All are offered in several sizes and completely customizable (colors, doors, windows, accessories and more). Popular choices for poolside installation include:

4-sided shed

Offering a distinguished look, this versatile model with a 4-pitch roof is ideal for those looking for an equally aesthetic design on all sides.

Diamond Shed

Diamond-shaped, this hexagonal shed adds a distinctive touch to your yard. It is also ideal for corner installation and offers plenty of storage space, among other things thanks to its cathedral roof.

Tendance Shed

For a modern aesthetic, the trendy shed is the perfect choice. Sleek and contemporary, it blends harmoniously into modern landscaping with a rectangular in-ground pool. Its single-slope roof inclined towards the rear gives it a unique and distinguished look.

Preference Shed

The Preference shed is one of our most popular sheds. Rectangular in shape, it is timeless and can adapt to any type of layout with a swimming pool.


3. Roof extension: the little extra you’ll love

To maximize the usefulness of your poolside cabana, consider adding a roof extension. This will give you additional space to enjoy shade on hot summer days. You can set up a table and chairs to share a meal with your guests after swimming!

shed with fence near an in-ground pool4. Fencing and landscape integration

The fence around the pool is a safety requirement. When planning the location of the shed, consider how it will fit in with the fence. Will it be inside, outside, or integrated into it? A landscaper can offer advice on landscape integration, thus creating visual harmony between the shed, the fence, the swimming pool and the layout of your backyard. Moreover, do not hesitate to consult our partners for sound advice and impeccable design.

5. Check safety regulations and obtain necessary permits

Be sure to follow all safety rules established for structures near a swimming pool. This may include specific standards for materials, dimensions, and access. In addition, make sure to obtain the required permits before finalizing the purchase of your in-ground pool shed. This will ensure that your project meets all legal requirements.

For personalized advice on choosing your in-ground pool shed

Choosing a shed for an in-ground pool requires careful planning. By taking into account the location, shed model, customization options, landscape integration, and compliance with regulations, you can create a functional and aesthetic space to meet your storage needs while improving your outdoor space.

For personalized advice and a top quality shed, visit Cabanon Fortin, located in L’Île-Bizard in the West Island.

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