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Published on June 28, 2024

Outdoor storage shed: The best choices

Are you looking for the perfect storage shed for your backyard? If the quest for the ideal shed may seem arduous, it is because it depends on many factors. In this article, discover the elements to consider when making the right choice of storage shed for your garden and explore different models with unique characteristics!

Storage shed: the criteria for making a good choice

What use will you make of your shed?

Will your outdoor storage shed be used to store gardening tools or bicycles and sports equipment? Will it be used as a workshop? The answer to this question will help you choose the appropriate model, the number of additional shelves, windows or doors.

Small, medium or large shed?

The size of your shed must be adapted to the space available in your yard and your needs. Accurately measure the area where you want to install it and think about the space to walk around. A shed that is too small will not be able to be used to its full potential, while a model that is too large will clutter your garden.

Choose the right material for your shed

The materials of the shed have a direct impact on its durability and the maintenance required. Plastic or resin sheds are easy to assemble, but less resistant and adapted to Quebec winters than sheds with a wooden structure. Identify your needs and choose a material that complements the style of your home and garden. If necessary, consult our shed materials comparative guide.

Discover our storage shed models

The Diamond Shed

With its unique shape, the Diamond Shed is designed for corner installation and to optimize the space in your yard. Its sturdy cathedral ceiling offers 50% more shelf space, and does not need to be cleared of snow in winter. Available in sizes from 43 to 171.5 square feet, it can be customized with different colors, coverings, doors and windows.


The 4-sided shed

This square or rectangular outdoor storage shed, with an elegant 4-sloped roof, offers more storage space and harmonizes perfectly with any style of house. Adaptable to all backyard configurations, the 4 versants shed is available in dimensions from 24 to 224 square feet, and can be customized with a wide selection of colors and materials.


The Mirage shed

This small shed for very good outdoor storage compact is available in square or rectangular shape. Perfect for more modest storage needs, it is solid and practical, and its sleek design fits easily into any environment. With dimensions ranging from 24 to 120 square feet, this pretty shed represents a very versatile storage solution for your garden.


The Mono shed

Featuring a sloping roof and large storage capacity, the Mono single-slope shed is ideal for installation near a building. Available in sizes ranging from 24 to 128 square feet, this outdoor storage shed model can be subdivided to create a multi-unit space. It is also easy to personalize thanks to a wide choice of colors and styles.


The Tendance Shed

The Tendance shed is distinguished by the simplicity of its lines and its ultra modern design. Featuring a single-pitch roof, it offers practical storage space while blending harmoniously into the style of your home. Available in sizes from 60 to 160 square feet, this outdoor storage shed is an effective solution for all your storage needs!

We have the storage shed you need!

Are you looking for a new storage shed for your garden? At Cabanon Fortin, we offer high-end finished sheds, made with top quality materials. Contact us for more information!


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