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Published on May 8, 2019

Storage sheds are only for storing equipment like lawnmowers, tools and garden supplies, right? The practical conclusion is that if you don’t own these things, then you probably don’t need a shed.

However, sheds are good for a variety of non-standard uses, and with some imagination, you can create an innovative space that would otherwise have never been an option — especially if you don’t have extra space inside your home.

Even if you already own a shed, consider the following transformative solutions if you’re looking for — or you’re open to — creative remodeling ideas.

An important note: Climate control is a necessary component for all the creative shed usage suggestions below. Not only is it imperative for your health and comfort, but if you store valuable items in your shed such as books, documents, paperwork, furniture, works of art, electronics, musical instruments, electronics and more, invest in appropriate climate control methods such as space heaters for winter and air conditioning units during summer months.

Transform Your Storage Shed into a Home Office

Do you work from home part time or full time? Or do you simply need a quiet weekend retreat in your backyard to take care of extra work or projects? If you answered yes to either of these questions, consider turning your storage shed into an office. Set the space up according to your specific needs, and get to work!

Turn it into an Art or Music Studio

Alternatively, transform your storage shed into an office of a different sort. If you’re artistic but hindered by the lack of space in your home, why not turn your storage shed into a studio?

You can indulge just about any creative outlet in a private workspace. You can play, practice or record music; make pottery, paint, draw, write and more. Using your storage shed as an artist loft pays off financially, too, because now you don’t have to worry about renting space elsewhere.

Run a Small Business from Your Shed

While you may need to figure out a few legal and homeowners association logistics with this concept, if you’re a small-business owner or want to become one but don’t have the space, consider using your storage shed as home base.

Sell your art, baked goods, used books, homemade smoothies, handmade textiles and more from your shed. Clients will appreciate the rustic charm, and nothing says “local” like an artist or business owner selling quality goods from their own backyard.

Are you ready to upgrade your storage shed into a creative space or have a custom unit built to fit your artistic or business needs?

Contact the trusted professionals at Cabanon Fortin to get started on your project and contact your city to confirm these possiblities!

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