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Published on May 26, 2019

A new shed offers a world of possibilities for summer fun and enjoyment in your backyard. While we fully support you using your new shed any way you please, take a look at our top four suggestions.

1. Create a Craft Room

Are you a crafty person? If so, you know it’s hard to leave your supplies out on the kitchen counter or even in your office. You need to use those areas for other tasks, and your family will probably complain about the mess.
What if you had a dedicated craft space you could use just for your next big project? Build a shed with this in mind. “Hobby huts” are a lot more common than you might think.

2. Build a Pool House

A new shed doesn’t have to be used as a place to store garden tools. You can use it to store pool supplies! Or even better, you could make it a hangout to entertain guests in between swims. Load a mini-fridge with snacks, set up a pool table, install a bar counter and you have a pool house ready for a summer of fun.

3. Make a Playhouse

When your kids are at the age where imagination rules their waking hours, give them a new shed as a playhouse where they can let their ideas run free. Style it like a castle or a cottage and let them decorate it to fit with their imaginings.

4. Use it as a Greenhouse

Use your new shed to exercise your green thumb! Turn it into a greenhouse. All you’ll need is a watering system and an organized setup, and you can quickly adapt your shed to a plant nursery.

If you love all these ideas, you’ll want to get started making your new shed a reality.
Call Cabanon Fortin. We help you find the new shed style that fits exactly what you’re looking for. If we can’t, we custom build it for you. You deserve the perfect setup for summer fun, and we always deliver.

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